Proportional Representation in Australia
The Lesslie Family in Australia

Proportional Representation in Australia

Stephen Lesslie and the Lesslie model for PR

"The electoral reform proposed here is a proportional representation system designed to re-engage the Australian people by ensuring that they are given genuine choice in the election of their parliamentary representatives.''

Stephen Lesslie has proposed a system (below) for implementing proportional representation in the election of Australian Parliaments.


LATEST: A short introduction to electoral stasis.
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Proposal for Australian Parliament:
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Also: Archive version with analysis of 2004 election.
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Proposal for NSW Parliament:
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Talk to the Proportional Representation Society of Australia (NSW Branch), Monday 21 January 2008.
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Also: Introduction by the President of the PRSA (NSW Branch), Susan Gregory.
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Proportional Representation is an electoral formula aiming at a close match between the percentage of votes that groups of candidates obtain in elections and the percentage of seats they receive. (Wikipedia article)

Proportional representation is used in the European Parliament and in many European countries, and is superior in many aspects to other electoral systems.

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The Lesslie Family

Russell Lesslie's genealogical research

Russell Lesslie has been researching the history of the Lesslie family for many years. He has kindly provided the following document containing an extensive family tree, some noteworthy prospects for a connection to the LESLIE family and other interesting details.

Download "Leslie to Lesslie" (PDF).
Download "Lesslie Ancestors" (PDF).

Mabel Lesslie

Mabel Lesslie (1881-1961) was an artist and potter living in Sydney. Examples of her work can be found in the Australian National Gallery and also in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Mabelweb has information about Mabel and much of her pottery and other work. There is also some other interesting information about the Lesslie Family, including pictures from the Family Bible from the 1700s, in which, among other things, are inscribed various gory deaths in the family.

Cathie Lesslie

Cathie Lesslie runs Cathie Lesslie Bed and Breakfast in Glebe.